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SS15 Couture


Uncanny dolls of Hans Bellmer, disarticulated dolls of Annette Messager, fetish dolls of Louise Bourgeois. These hypersexual, distorted, hanged, knitted and padded dolls reveal a physical unconscious.

The hand-stitched dolls constitute the first act of Couture and bring us to the altar of children's games, metamorphosed here into a hotel of adult games, where reigns an interplay between construction and deconstruction.

Juvenile purity and mature fetishism fusion in 'a long, immense and rational dissoluteness' of all the structures by twisting, folding, decomposing, mutilating and assembling materials, parts and proportions.

These carnal rearrangements make contradictions irrelevant in the DOLLHOUSE, an enigmatic dwelling sheltering a dress "that will remain forever new" *

* Paul Éluard, The Games of the Doll (1949)

SS15 Couture