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SS16 Couture


From the couturier's needle to the spindle of a weaving loom, hanging by a thread.
From the conception of a collection to a fairy tale, hanging by a thread.
A thread bound by a dream, where the destiny of the designer and the heroine are interwoven.

Woven Tales is the story of this dream. A fantasy sewn of oddly familiar silhouettes, floating in a dreamlike surreal succession.

Sometimes the spectral appearance of a troubling shadow, sometimes the royal splendour of a princely dress. Here, the gallantry of a gentleman in full dress; there, the strict elegance of an infantryman in military campaign.

Woven Tales is the daydream of couture, a world of chiaroscuro with an ambiguous, poetical and metaphysical beauty... the beauty of a fairy tale.

SS16 Couture